Is Google’s Real-Time Spam a Problem?

December 11th, 2009

Google recently released a new real-time element to their search engine results pages. When phrases with a decent amount of buzz are searched, Google pulls messages from real-time social sites like Twitter and puts them on the page. Almost immediately after people started realizing Google made this change, articles started being written addressing how to game the system and get links on top of popular SERPs.

Google real-time results example

Some people are saying Google created a new system of spam, but I’m not completely sure that’s the case. Some spam is coming through right now, but why would people believe it’s going to stay that way? Google has an entire team dedicated to Web spam, and they’d almost definitely be focusing on new aspects of the SERPs that introduce spam at the top of popular queries.

Any articles that come out are notifying Google of exactly how people might take advantage of the system, and that gives Google a starting point for how to combat it. Most of the articles I’ve read are written by SEOs who are unhappy with how easy the new system is to spam, so they’re purposefully letting Google know what’s going on. Since SEOs are doing some of the work for Google’s spam team, it’ll be even easier for them to fix this problem.

There’s really no excuse for this spam to be present after it’s released for a couple of weeks. A lot of the spam tactics should’ve been dealt with before Google released the real-time results, and the spam that is there now should be dealt with once Google figures out a way to determine what social accounts aren’t spam.  As long as this is done relatively quickly, there won’t be any real damage done.

If Google waits to fix this spam problem, it’s only going to get worse. Having a box of real-time spam at the top of any high-traffic SERPs wouldn’t be good for anyone, so expect a fix to this problem sooner rather than later.

Can Google Wave be used for SEO?

November 17th, 2009

After playing around with Google Wave for a few days, it has become apparent that this is not going to become a major tool for search engine optimization. While Wave is fun to mess around with, and may become an important tool in other industries, there doesn’t seem to be much of  a reason to think Wave is going to change SEO.

Google Wave LogoAfter looking through Wave and how the code works, it looks like there’s some JavaScript and an iFrame that search engines may have trouble crawling. Wave is powered with HTML 5, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the content as it shows up when it’s embedded is strictly HTML. Wave is an application that can be embedded in Web sites, and the likelihood of the links in Waves being followed at all seems minimal. It’s possible that content might be crawled, but I wouldn’t count on it.

One of the only ways for Wave content to be truly crawlable would be if Google and other search engines hardcoded something in the algorithms, which could happen. There isn’t much of a way to test this until Wave becomes public and anyone can see the waves embedded on Web sites. As it stands now, only those who have Wave accounts can view embedded content.

Even though Wave isn’t a game-changer for SEO, that doesn’t mean it should be completely ignored. Wave is a way to engage people on your Web site and keep them coming back in the same way comments or forums do. Wave may not have any real on-page SEO benefit, but it’s possible that people will be more likely to link to a page that has an engaging wave in addition to regular content.

Below is the video you receive when you get a Wave account.

Updates to SEO Worldwide

November 5th, 2009

SEO World WideYou may have noticed that everything on the Web site is currently redirecting you to this blog. This is because we are undergoing a massive redesign, and the other parts of the site will be down temporarily while changes are being made. The blog will function normally, but everything else is going to be offline for some time.

While we’re working on the other parts of the site to bring them back online and improve the user’s experience, we’ll be posting informative blogs about a variety of topics that can help those who are interested in SEO and the online marketing industry. A few of the topics we’ll cover include changes to the major search engines, new social marketing tactics, effective strategies, and whatever else pops up that people interested in Internet marketing might want to know about.

In addition to redesigning the Web site, we’re also revamping our social media presence. This means you’ll be seeing a lot more of us in other places around the Web. Feel free to follow the SEO Worldwide Twitter account to see what we’re reading and doing, or check out our Squidoo or Hub page to get a nice bundle of the things we’re spreading across the Web. Make sure to stay tuned and see what we discuss, because chances are it might be able to inspire you during your own Internet marketing campaigns.

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